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Cayman 52" Deep 30' x 15' Oval Above Ground Pool

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Bring the crystal clear waters of the Cayman Islands and the opulence of their Seven Mile Beach into your backyard with their namesake, the Cayman Pool. This pool comes in a number of sizes and shapes, but they all have the same superior construction that one would expect from such a renowned name as the Cayman. The wall is constructed of hot-dipped galvanized steel reinforced with layers of copper bearing alloy for strength; this pool wall is also coated with an alkaline cleaned zinc bonderized coating, a chromic seal, a primer, and an all weather enamel painted protective coating - that's 4 layers of protection to maintain the durability of the pool wall. Finally, the exterior side of the wall is coated with a textured Crystex coat sealing for truly superior protection. Crystex is a glass bonded mica material that can withstand extreme temperatures and is impervious to water, oils, and gases. Because of its unique properties, it can also be machined into intricate shapes or thin coatings, and has an unlimited shelf life, so it will last through years of use. The structure is further supported by the included stainless steel hardware and high strength steel fasteners where required.

The 7" extruded resin ledges and 6" extruded resin verticals provide a sturdy framework for the most stable structural integrity possible. They are non-corrosive and rain resistant with ultraviolet inhibitors to resist sun damage and prevent heating of the ledges and verticals. The universal top and bottom plates and the 1" universal top and bottom rails are resin coated steel this ensures the durability of these integral pieces. It is this attention to reliability that allows our pools to be covered by a 40 Year Limited Warranty, with the first 3 seasons including no charge for parts.

In addition to the incredible quality of this pool by itself, Ready Set Splash includes the necessary startup filters and liners for the Cayman. The filter is a Sand Media Filtration System with wide mouth Thru-the-Wall skimmer running on a powerful 1 HP motor. The blue liner (20 mil) is strong enough to withstand years of use. Also included is the resin ladder and installation video.


  • The Cayman style pool
  • Blue vinyl overlap* all weather liner (20 mil)
  • Sand Media Filtration System (1 HP) with wide mouth Thru the Wall Skimmer
  • Resin ladder
  • Pool installation video
The Cayman is available in round or oval with a number of diameter options - all have a 52" Depth.

*An Overlap Pool Liner has a flat edge and installs by overlapping the top of the pool wall and covering with a coping strip.